Five Types of Wood Doors

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Woodgrain traditional interior wood doors are available in a wide range of styles and panel options. They meet high environmental standards and are stronger than solid wood doors.


Masisa is a producer of wood particle and fiber boards for furniture and interior design. Its manufactured products include solid wood, particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, and oriented strand board, as well as interior doors, moldings, and millwork. It operates 10 industrial complexes for the production of wood panels in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico.

Every solid wood door Koetter Woodworking manufactures is crafted to meet your specific specifications and requirements. It also features traditional stile and rail construction for lasting strength and durability. The company offers both stock and custom doors, as well as a wide range of styles and sizes.


Masonite is formed by bonding wood strands together with water-based natural glues. It is also poured into door, siding and trim molds that allow it to be slightly bent once it hardens. This flexibility helps contractors save time and money during installation. Masonite is also more durable and less likely to crack during installation or take a direct impact from debris.

In addition, a Masonite interior door is more energy efficient than solid wood doors. This makes it a great choice for new construction and home renovations.


Wooden doors add a touch of luxury to your home. They can be customized with a variety of colors and finishes. They are also durable and can reduce noise. In addition, they are often more energy-efficient than other styles of doors.

Woodport offers a wide selection of interior wood doors to fit any style. They are crafted with a stile and rail construction and can be stained or finished. They also come in a variety of panel and design options. Woodport also offers bi-fold doors, which are perfect for closets, laundry rooms, and pantry doors.


Wooden doors offer a variety of design options to complement your home’s decor. These doors are also highly insulating and reduce noise. They can be stained or finished to further enhance their appearance. They are also easy to repair and refinish. They are less energy-efficient than fiberglass doors, however.

Unlike fiberglass doors, which can scratch and dent easily, wooden ones are durable and provide an excellent return on investment. Moreover, they can be customized to match any style of architecture. For example, bamboo can give your door a sleek look while oak or mahogany doors can be crafted for a more traditional style.


Jeld-Wen doors offer a variety of options to complement your home decorating. Their superior craftsmanship and designs make them a leader in the industry. Their doors are also more durable and easier to maintain than other brands on the market.

The material your door is made from can have a significant impact on its efficiency. Steel and fiberglass exterior doors are the most energy-efficient, while vinyl and wood offer different pros and cons. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo to ensure that your door is rated to meet strict energy standards.


Koetter is a leading manufacturer of cabinet & furniture components, architectural millwork, solid wood doors, and stair parts. Its manufacturing facility combines the latest in technology with an experienced workforce. Its line of products includes a wide range of door designs, insulated glass inserts, and transoms.

Koeter also employs sustainability principles. For example, it harvests individual trees in a way that improves growing conditions for remaining forests and reduces competition for sunlight and resources. Koetter also promotes responsible forestry practices.

A variety of Weinig Group rough mill and molding equipment is used at Koetter’s plant, including a LuxScan scanner and chop system that runs 900 feet per minute and detects knots, splits and grain deviation. This helps ensure the highest quality of the finished product.


Authentic stile and rail construction and customizable profiles make TruStile interior doors the perfect choice for any design. Whether you’re looking for the crisp lines of contemporary, the balance and symmetry of colonial, or the highly decorative look of art deco, our TruStile door styles offer endless solid and glass panel configurations that will create a distinctive architectural style in your home.

TruStile’s paint-grade doors are manufactured using super-refined MDF to provide a superior finishing surface that won’t shrink, crack or warp like pine or lower-grade MDF alternatives. Their TS (Tall Stile) Series offers over 100 architecturally-correct panel designs from one to nine panels, while their V-Groove (VG) and Custom Design (CD) series deliver unique stacked rail design options.

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