A Brief Guide to Roofing

In the United States, roofing refers to the roof of a structure, including the attached building envelope and all supporting materials needed to support it on top of the structure, providing maximum protection from the elements, especially in rain, snow, sunshine, extremes of temperatures, and high winds. A roofing material Continue Reading

New Roofs

Roofing refers to any number of processes that are used to repair or reconstruct a roof. Roofing includes everything from fascia, to underlayment, to roof shingles, to flashings and pitch. The roofing system is usually applied on top of a roof structure to protect it from elements (such as rain Continue Reading


A roofing company in Atlanta will carefully analyze your home’s needs and the conditions in which you live to determine what type of roofing solution is best suited for you. Roofing is an important issue that affects the long-term value of your home. Whether you are considering new construction or Continue Reading